Explanation of Fees

Tuition, Differential Tuition, Out-of-State Fee
Used to provide educational instruction and support services.

Athletic Fee
Used to fund UCF intercollegiate athletics.

Activity and Service Fee
Used to fund activities and services that benefit the general student body.

Building and Capital Improvement Fee
Used for building construction and repair.

Distance Learning Fee
Used to develop and deliver distance learning courses.

Financial Aid Fee
Used to provide financial aid and support services.

Health Fee
Used to fund student health services.

Technology Fee
Used to enhance instructional technology resources.

Transportation Access Fee
Used to fund the shuttle system and transportation infrastructure.

Equipment Fee
Used for the maintenance, repair and replacement of equipment.

ID Service and Access Fee
Used to fund student ID card services.

Material and Supply Fee
Used to purchase materials or supplies consumed in class.

International Student Fee
Used for costs associated with reporting requirements

Excess Hours Surcharge

Online Course Proctoring Fee
Used in specific courses to cover proctor fees. Fee is paid to a third party and not UCF.